Inbound Lead Generation

Are your marketing programs struggling to routinely produce qualified leads that your sales reps can use?

ProphetLogic’s SDRaaS strengthens marketing efforts and helps pass qualified leads to sales teams.

Marketing programs capture
thousands of leads —but what
happens then?

How do you take your marketing
program to the next level?


Marketing programs capture leads from webinars, trade shows, content syndication, social media, and more.

But who consistently follows up with those leads to identify who is ready to purchase product or service?

Sales reps often don’t have the bandwidth or feel the leads aren’t qualified, creating discontent and resentment.

ProphetLogic strengthens the ROI of your IT or software
company’s inbound lead program.

Why we’re different:

We consistently follow up with leads generated through marketing programs, often reaching out 5+ times.

We make the calls sales reps often don’t have time to do, finding interested buyers out of thousands of names.

We qualify who is ready to be passed along to sales reps to influence more closed deals.

Our approach unites sales and marketing teams, eliminating finger-pointing.

Experience more fruitful
marketing programs
that result in more closed deals.



More successful marketing programs that result in MQLs, appointments, and sales.

More return on investment from webinars, trade shows, content syndication programs, and more.

Less stress about whether all the names captured through marketing programs will result in any sales.

Less friction between sales and marketing teams about lead quality and quantity, allowing everyone to win.

See how ProphetLogic’s inbound lead generation, part of SDRaaS, has helped clients win.

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Set Qualified Appointments

Get the sales outcomes you desire without having to build your pipeline yourself or use up valuable time and resources making calls.

Procure the Right Lists

Find the right decision-makers and key influencers without purchasing expensive lists or identifying targets on your own.

Enhance Inbound Lead Nurture

Enjoy more effective marketing programs that deliver MQLs to the sales team—making everyone happy.

Let’s build a sales pipeline that works for you.

Give us six months.

We’ll get you talking to the right people.