Your sales pipeline
won’t build itself.

Let us connect you with the right people.

It starts by getting you in front of the right target accounts.

A successful sales development program requires:

Knowing who to target

Collecting the best contact data

Nailing the correct messaging

The grind of cold calling

All to make the right connections.

You can try to do it all yourself. Or you can let us do what we do best—leaving you time and resources to close the deal.

We help B2B companies secure meaningful connections.

We specialize in helping B2B founders, sales VPs, and CMOs simplify their processes to identify the right accounts with the right data to ultimately find new customers—and boost their bottomline.


Generated in proposal
value for clients


in client deals


calls per week
per client

We closed more revenue in ProphetLogic leads, than we did with referrals from one of their competitors.

Josh DaymontPrincipal, Securisea

Let’s build a sales pipeline that works for you.

Give us six months.

We’ll get you talking to the right people.