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Sales Specialization or Full-Cycle Sellers?

Increasingly, I have seen Sales influencers on LinkedIn call for a move away from role specialization in sales and towards full-cycle sellers. The idea behind the full-cycle seller is that customers and prospects enjoy a sales experience more if they are only dealing with one person during the buying process and then that person sticks around to manage the account…
Chris Kivlehan
December 2, 2021
Best Practices

Dialogues, Not Monologues

You have a great sales prospect call about to start.  You are certain that you have the perfect solution for their needs. Your instinct may be to jump right in after the introductions and tell them all about it. Rattling off a long monologue is an easy trap to fall into on a sales call, even for experienced sellers. A…
Chris Kivlehan
September 30, 2021

My time at ProphetLogic has been exactly as advertised by Chris and Cory. Which is rare, in a sales position. Since day one, I have felt supported, received ongoing training and feedback, and I feel like my input and effort is valued and not overlooked. I enjoy the challenging and competitive atmosphere.

Eric Wilson II

Consistency is king, never give up.

Kyle Combs
Best Practices

Does Outbound Lead To Longer Sales Cycles?

Outbound lead generation (cold calling, etc) is a great way for business-to-business companies to fill their sales pipelines, particularly where there are large deal sizes involved. You can be very intentional about the types of companies you target. If you arm your Sales Development Representatives with a good script, the right target personas, and accurate contact data, they can get…
Chris Kivlehan
July 29, 2021

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