Client Success Stories

We love building a sales pipeline that works.

Every one of our clients understands that sales can be a challenge. We thrive in solving their problems because they trust our experience.

Accelerating Growth for Accella

Accella is a Leading Digital Development agency that is constantly thinking across digital to deliver the best digital experience that strategists, UX designers and technologists can create for their clients. Thinking across strategy, development, and marketing to deliver the very best in mobile apps & web design.

BDR works as a lead generation tactic, so it should be in your marketing / sales mix. We tried implementing it internally and we were able to do it successfully under ProphetLogic's guidance, but it wasn't easy. Save yourself the hassle and hire Prophet Logic. SDRaaS is working!

Jason KingPresident, Accella

As a client since December of 2017, Accella has transitioned from initial Business Development consulting to the full SDRaaS services. The full service model has delivered results for the design and development agency, offering a consistent source of well qualified leads at a time when traditional marketing and lead channels were failing. Six months in, ProphetLogic is the top producing lead generation source in terms of closed deals and has the sales pipeline looking strong for upcoming quarters.

The Results

Accella is heading into the end of 2020 on an upward trajectory and a large portion of new projects in their pipeline—during this pandemic / recession situation— has been attributed to the work that ProphetLogic does for them.

Sales has always been one of the hardest parts to figure out. How to source leads and then how to close them. With ProphetLogic there is no guessing at solutions, they know how to address our problems from experience.

Jason KingPresident, Accella

Delivering Results for Securisea.

Securisea is a leading independent information security company with over ten years’ experience in information security, working for both security providers and for individual businesses. They deliver top-tier expertise and reinforcement developed across a wide range of businesses and industries—including full PCI DSS evaluation, testing, implementation and certification services for organizations that need to prove PCI DSS compliance.

Sales executives would often tell us that sales is a numbers game—the goal is not to find the perfect client to call and close 90% of your deals, the goal is to call 10,000 prospective clients and close 1% of your deals—but after watching ProphetLogic work we now see things differently.

Josh DaymontPrincipal, Securisea

What began as an initial test in early 2019, Securisea quickly moved to a recurring service agreement with ProphetLogic based on performance. We established conversations with individual companies and groups of companies that Securisea never thought they could approach, let alone have any sales discussions with them.

The Results

Within six months of working with us we started generating sales calls with the companies Securisea wanted to have as clients— closing more revenue with ProphetLogic leads than with referrals from one of our past competitors.

They are one of the most results-oriented vendors we have ever worked with. ProphetLogic cares about our success.

Josh DaymontPrincipal, Securisea

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