Our Company

We are aligned around a single mission.

We help B2B companies drive organic growth.

Who is ProphetLogic?

We sell conversations with the people you want to converse with—all across the B2B spectrum.

We do the heavy lifting in outbound prospecting, so you can focus on closing deals.

We handle the prospecting and set appointments for qualified leads. Once we introduce a qualified prospect to your team, they take the ball from there and do what they do best: close the deal. It’s a simple idea that is really hard to do well so we built our business model around it.

If you are a B2B business owner, a VP of Sales, or a CMO responsible for a successful sales pipeline—we can connect you with the right people inside the target accounts you want as customers.

How do we help B2B companies?

From our roots to present day

ProphetLogic was founded in Allentown, PA in 2017 by Chris Kivlehan. Chris previously served as VP of Sales at INetU for 15 years, eventually selling to ViaWest for $162M in 2015.

Chris saw a need in the market to make the process of cold calling easier for sales leaders—and created ProphetLogic to fill it. Today ProphetLogic combines technology experience and targeted lead generation tactics to help clients grow their businesses through strengthened, predictable pipelines.

We are driven
by five core values.

Number 1


We are kind, solution-focused, and customer-centric—all to help each other and our clients win.

Number 2


We are honest, humble, and own our mistakes to each other and to our clients. We do what’s right, always.

Number 3


We are team-oriented because we believe a rising tide lifts all boats (and we’re not afraid of a little friendly competition to get there).

Number 4


We are resourceful, curious, flexible, and excited about projects and opportunities. We take ownership of our future.

Number 5


We are persistent in our quest for continuous improvement, using data to support our efforts. We don’t settle for mediocrity.

Let’s build a sales pipeline that works for you.

Give us six months.

We’ll get you talking to the right people.