Team Culture

We believe in winning together as a team.

Our culture is founded on a simple truth: When one person thrives, we all do —and so do our clients.

We’re a tight-knit group that values everyone’s contributions.

From Bagel Fridays to quarterly team-building exercises and frequent happy hours, we believe that we are stronger as a team when we know and take care of each other.

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We take relationships seriously, and treat everyone with kindness.

We believe great organizations are founded on strong relationships. We’re all on the same team—and focused on our mission to help clients succeed.

We want our employees to prosper and give them opportunities to do so.

We aim to hire 80% of team leads internally, and provide an employee-restricted stock bonus program so employees can have a leadership stake in our organization.

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Let’s grow together.

Learn how you can grow in your career by joining the ProphetLogic team.

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