Pay Per Meeting for Qualified Sales Appointments

Get more qualified sales calls on your calendar with our Pay Per Meeting model.

ProphetLogic helps your sales team get in front of key influencers, decision makers, and decision approvers at your target accounts on a pay-for-performance basis.

Getting in front of target accounts takes grit and determination

Let us make it easy for you

  • Your Account Executives are busy closing deals.
  • Your in-house SDR team is focused on maximizing your inbound and event marketing efforts.
  • But there’s a large part of your addressable market that is not hearing about your solutions…

That's where ProphetLogic comes in

ProphetLogic takes on the grunt work of outbound prospecting so the rest of your team can focus on what they do best.

Here is how it works:

We find the right people at your target accounts and procure the contact data.

We do cold outreach to them and create curiosity in learning more about your solution.

We do a warm handoff introduction of the prospect to your team.

You present your value proposition and try to take them to the next step.

Only meetings that fit with pre-agreed upon qualification criteria count.

Costs are optimized because you pay for only meetings that are held.

Save time and energy so your team can focus on other priorities.

Plus, they REALLY don't want to be cold calling anyway.



More qualified leads in the top of your sales funnel.

More time to spend on other elements of the sales process.

Less frustration than if you and your team try to do outbound on your own.

Knowing that you are getting the results you pay for.

See how ProphetLogic’s qualified appointment setting services have helped clients win.

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SDR as a Service

ProphetLogic acts as an extension of your sales org  with named team members as your SDR team.

Pay Per Meeting

ProphetLogic helps you get in front of your target accounts on a pay for performance basis.

Inbound Marketing Support

Enjoy more effective marketing programs that deliver MQLs to the sales team—making everyone happy.

Let’s build a sales pipeline that works for you.

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We’ll get you talking to the right people.