List Procurement

How do you know which B2B titles and companies to target to boost your sales and marketing strategies?

ProphetLogic’s SDRaaS helps you identify key influencers, decision makers, and decision approvers through list procurement and data

Knowing which titles and companies to target takes time and research.

But list procurement isn’t easy

  • It’s expensive to purchase the right data and then parse through it on your own to create your own lists.
  • You need to know what elements to look for, and what queries will yield the best results.
  • How do you know who the right decision-makers, key influencers, and decision approvers are?

Plus, even if you have a list, sometimes you need more information.

ProphetLogic can procure lists and enrich data to help you identify the right prospects.

Why we’re different:

It’s expensive to purchase the right data and then parse through it on your own to create your own lists.

We ensure you get connected with key decision-makers and influencers.

We have partnerships with leading data providers to find more of the right titles

We ask the targeted, specific questions to ensure you get the data you want.

If you already have a list, we can expand on the information and contacts provided.

We look for information that meets your needs and weed through the clutter.

Save time and energy so your team can focus on other priorities.

Plus, we can work with you to purchase this as a standalone service.



More comprehensive lists with targeted accounts for your needs.

More time to spend on other elements of the sales process.

Less frustration than if you and your team try to parse through data on your own.

Less stress from worrying about whether the data you pulled is current and correct.

See how ProphetLogic’s list procurement, part of SDRaaS, has helped clients win.

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Get the sales outcomes you desire without having to build your pipeline yourself or use up valuable time and resources making calls.

Procure the Right Lists

Find the right decision-makers and key influencers without purchasing expensive lists or identifying targets on your own.

Enhance Inbound Lead Nurture

Enjoy more effective marketing programs that deliver MQLs to the sales team—making everyone happy.

Let’s build a sales pipeline that works for you.

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