SDR as a Service

Are you ready to turbocharge your sales team's results?

ProphetLogic’s SDRaaS makes it easy to strengthen your pipeline to help your sales team meet its goals.

We act as an extension of your Sales team and get you in front of the right prospects.

Your sales reps hate cold calling.

They’d rather focus on closing deals that directly contribute to this quarter’s numbers.

They feel cold calling is beneath them and prioritize other tasks.

Even when they do make calls, they don’t make enough to set enough meetings.

And sales leaders often struggle with sales development work.

SDR work is different from other functional sales areas, requiring a separate focus and team.

Leaders must balance competing priorities, making it difficult to allocate enough resources to calling.

No founder or VP wants to hire new reps, train them, and follow them around to ensure they’re making enough calls.

ProphetLogic’s SDRaaS ensures B2B companies get more appointments with qualified leads—so you can turn them into clients.

Why we’re different:


We use data to target the right B2B decision-makers and accounts.

We ask the right questions to set appointments with ready-to-buy prospects.

Our volume and automation of calls ensures we collect more targeted leads.

This is our bread and butter—we have processes in place to get you results.



More appointments with qualified leads who have been vetted by our team.

More time for your team to nurture leads, win deals, and add to your bottomline.

Less stress from managing your internal teams.

Less frustration and worry over filling your pipeline.

We easily scale your sales team up—maximizing your results with none of the headache.

See how ProphetLogic’s SDRaaS has helped clients win.

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SDR as a Service

ProphetLogic acts as an extension of your sales org with named team members as your SDR team.

Pay Per Meeting

ProphetLogic helps you get in front of your target accounts on a pay for performance basis.

Enhance Inbound Lead Nurture

Enjoy more effective marketing programs that deliver MQLs to the sales team—making everyone happy.

Let’s build a sales pipeline that works for you.

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We’ll get you talking to the right people.